• Rewild Jane

Who would I be

I took the leap and I paid the price

Now there's flames in my life instead of ice

Cold winters got replaced with pacific ocean breeze

Now my heart is happy sometimes

But is my mind at ease?

What could've happened if I would've made another choice

Who would I be if I didn't fall in love with every single country boy

Oh the seasons have passed

I've traded my time for cash

Met some people at the bar

Gave them pass to break my heart

Oh the thrill at the top of the hill

Collecting kilometres every single weekend

The higher the hill the harder the climb

Thousand bittersweet memories lost in my mind

Let you in my life and then left you on the read

Now I can't even recall your face or voice

Things we do to fill an empty space

Could've just been with myself


Who would I be if I would've chosen


(Shit I'll put into the country song one day)