• Rewild Jane

Where are we heading

Some days, especially after being stressed or worried about something, things just hit me and I start wondering about everything, seeing past in brighter light and feeling like future will be heaps worse than it will ever actually be. Wondering about what-if's, could've been-would've been's etc.

Especially as we're living in such uncertain times at the moment where our rights and freedom are being stripped away from us in the broad daylight, international travel has been made nearly impossible (from Australia at least) without serving dark forces agenda of getting a jab and taking the "virus" test from the back of your brain.

I do not consent and accept their version of freedom they're trying to give us back when we fill certain criteria on their terms. Freedom will always be ours and that's something I'm willing to fight til' my last breath.

Normal social life and workplaces are turned into society of masked people who are conditioned to be fearful of other fellow human beings. People don't trust their immune systems, healthy food and power of thoughts anymore.

And some days it hurts to my core.

But I also have days when I'm hopeful it'll bring on greater awakening of our consciousness and after being falsely divided, we unite once again for good.

I know only one thing...

People have to make up their own mind based on their intuition and research. And I pray for them and myself every single day.

I miss home pretty bad as well. I didn't come to Australia with an intention to create myself a brand new life and stay longer than 1-2 years, but that's exactly what I've done now. I've put myself in a situation of no matter where I am anymore, there is part of me missing. Going back home would bring as much hurt as it does staying here. And same amount of happiness too. I don't live in a world of hurt but I tend to feel everything A LOT lately. Every single feeling and emotion.

Plus I've met an amazing person who had the courage to call me up on my walls I've built to appear tough&wildly independent and impression of not being hurt by anything or anyone because that has never been the truth but a coping mechanism for survival. It's been a time for stripping away everything that's truly never been Me.

I've found bunch of photos from my camera and they possibly triggered loads of emotions and made me long for something I can't have just yet. I'm also grateful I've had an amazing life behind me where I actually lived through these moments.