• Rewild Jane


I've kept myself stuck in a loop of feeling dull, doing the same thing, driving and walking to the same places, working ridiculous hours on the weirdest times of the day. And I was bit sad and anxious about it.

Til now.

I'm at work watching the sun setting behind the hills. I've got memories, feelings and love pouring into my heart as I remember how many sunsets I've seen before while being ridiculously happy & in peace or sad and depressed. How many different countries I've seen the sun setting in. How many things I've felt while watching the most incredible thing universe has ever offered us.

I have to remind myself that my bad moments don't have to define me. I've been easily triggered, tired and burnt out lately but also it's been the most incredible year of my life simultaneously. I'm well aware I can't ride the high wave non-stop but don't we all want to get out of the metaphorical "waves-crashing-over-me-and-I-can't-breathe" period? Truth is that all of the storming seas calm down at some stage and I'm more resilient than I've ever given myself credit for.

Because all of this shit will be worth it.

It's worth it already.

Life is truly beautiful and it continues to be so.