• Rewild Jane

Mt. Maroon, QLD

Mt. Maroon is a gorgeous mountain in the Scenic Rim region and it's nearly 2hrs from our home. The mountain rises to 966 m above sea level and is a pretty tough one to climb up to. Me and Mari have done it once before and we absolutely loved the feeling and views from the top. Our alarms were going off at 5am, quick coffee and oil check on my car and we were ready to go.

I love the drive to the destination nearly same much as the arrival to it. When it's me and Mari then we've got Estonian rap playing which we start to freestyle on top of it. I find it important to use Estonian vocabulary extensively where ever possible because after 4.5 years here I've been starting to lose my skill in both languages. The bilingual has turned into the bye-lingual. I try not to mix both of them but it's almost inevitable.

I still think we're great lyricists/poets in our native language though.

At the end of the day
Everyone is just looking to be loved
The baby crying, The couple fighting, The child hiding, The servant guiding,The people pleaser providing,The afraid one denying, The overachiever trying, The confused one dividing, The resilient one rising, The ones always smiling, The sick ones dying The gold-diggers mining, The student learning, The shadow side purging, The singles flirting, The woman birthing, The seeker searching, The stoners burning, The loner hurting
They are all deserving
And it’s not about which one of these you are, because you are all of them. At some point, in someway, you share a vibrational resonance with an aspect of everyone’s story. And to look at life through this lens, In knowing that every act is a call out to be loved, You are filled with the same love you extend. Tell the ones you know need it; that you love them, and even those you feel may not need it— They do. -Activation Vibration, Heather Hoffman

Hot air balloons are not as common here so we got super excited when we saw then floating and had to pull over straight away.

I've come to the point in my life where I've stopped pushing myself for a bit. It hasn't worked out the best because no joy comes from imaginary gardening or art creation. It's something I have to physically do, commit to and reap the rewarding feeling later.

I'm trying not to make any decisions when nothing simply feels right. I'm really good at keeping myself just afloat but that might just indicate it's the winter of my life. It never stays like that for too long. I'm able to keep the life rolling and work (and at times, even overwork because I'm not directing my energy anywhere else). But that's fine because everything's simply as it is in the present moment.

I wonder how many people keep their creations, thoughts, ideas and joy to themselves because they are afraid to put it out there for everyone to enjoy/consume. How many highly sensitive people have pulled back in their shell because the amount of people who only seem to be out for blood. How does one even grow a thick skin and is it even necessary? Is it the actual fear of being out there and being seen OR is it the fear of being seen through distorted lens?

I'm just trying to remain positive and open to changes. That's all I have at the moment.