• Rewild Jane

Hold the light

Its early in the morning

moon's lighting up the world

there's no point of asking why

I am the way I am in my grief and smiles

Cigarettes in the silence

thoughts taking over violently

I prayed to God to find my place in life

Now I know I've always belonged

anywhere I find myself

past and present

that's my place in life

I can't describe this moment

you should just step in and share it with me

couldn't help but hope you'll feel better

Life is holding you

and you're holding the light

Can't you see?

eventually you'll feel easy, so easy

everything that weighs you down

and you've been chained to things you can't let go of

will turn to dust

It's never too late to love, laugh and pray

put your faith into the universe 

awakened souls sail around freely

and with ease

so do you