• Rewild Jane

Dear loneliness

To hand the keys of your loneliness

On someone's hand

Can break you

As the key can be gone with the current

The person got caught up in

As we can't control the tides, Moon or the Sun

We can't control minds and hearts if others

Loneliness chews you only

When you've given up on being the writer of your story

Oh, dear loneliness

How can I meet myself again?

Let me in from the door I lost the keys for

Let me back to myself

Oh, dear loneliness

I gracefully forgive you for entering my house

When I wasn't at home

But I left the door open

And you needed warmth

So you've stayed

Even when I came back home

Even when firewood was all burnt

Even when I was begging you to leave

Even when last of the warmth left

You've stayed

Hoping I'll fuel your fire once again

Dear loneliness

You're not mine to carry no more

I'm coming back

Because now I know

I was the missing part all along