• Rewild Jane


It happens to be one if those nights when I should be tired as hell because of a busy and productive day behind me but I'm laying in bed completely awake, streets and bamboos are unusually quiet. There was only one bogan making hell of a noise with their commodore once which is strange because at this time of the night they are out and about and ready to piss off normal hard-working residents.

Energies are weird but in a good way. It just simply is what it is. I'm healing with every passing minute with an occasional fall-back but I always seem to find a way out, even though in the past I was sure that's how my life will be and there is no golden highway through my days for me.

And how common it is to immerse in the darkness without noticing the beauty of the world. Without noticing how sleepless nights might not be a curse but a great chance to listen the silence and my own heart which is far away from being silent. It's beating and it's full of life.

And how life unfolds in a mysterious way and connects the dots I've never thought would be connected. Ripple effect has been vividly visible in my life lately and I'm wholeheartedly grateful for these happenstances.

Fears in me are starting to shut down due to fact they're outdated and there is no factory updates or resets for them. They simply have no choice but go and I have no choice but to gracefully release them with the uttermost love. Clinging won't be working in this new energy field, ideas and dreams I once believed would turn into the reality do not matter as much anymore as there is still burning passion for living and loving but no strings attached how's it supposed to play out in external reality. Universe is to be trusted as there is no separation between self and everything else in this world.

I Am. I Am rightful and I deserve to be here.

I'll keep listening my heart because world is so quiet at 11pm today.